Silver Package

Company’s online presence expanded with an Integrated Contact Center, maintaining data in the Internet directories, preparation for the campaign… 


$1.896 /year

Preparation of a company’s logo project

Our graphic designers will prepare a dedicated logo reflecting the individual nature of your business.

This package offers 2 proposals  

Internet domain

We are an official Polish domain registrar for NASK / ICANN. We will register a domain for your company , acting in the e-mail address and the address of your companies' website at no additional cost. All within the package price.

Professional website

We will design a modern website for your business in the standard and  mobile version, which will also be optimized for search engines.

The number of modules included in the website: 20

Professional photos from the business website catalogue

We work with major pictures banks in the world. The website of your company will use professional photos from a bank of more than 40 million images.

The number of photos to use: 9

Email accounts

We will create corporate e–mail adressess in the companies' Internet domain for you. You will get 6 independent email addresses and unlimited number of aliases for each. You will also receive access to the mail program accessible from any web browser.

Hosting for Web pages and e-mail accounts

Hosting is a server space for your website and e-mail. Our servers are located in one of the most modern data centers in Poland and managed by a team of specialists . Thanks to that all your data will be safe and always available.

Featured entry in online catalogue

A lot of people is still looking for service providers in catalogues and  this is why we will place your businesscard in our catalogue so as to expose it in the top five companies in the search results in a given category and a given region.

Virtual Phone Number

You will be assigned the companies' landline number, which can be configured to receive phone calls wherever you are. You will be able to automatically transfer calls to another extension numbers by the given order. 
The number of extensions in the package: 2

Integrated Contact Centre

People calling  your business phone number will connect with a professional, interactive menus. With this service, it is also possible to transfer a fax to an e-mail and to record calls. The number can be integrated with information on the companies website and the SMS Alert service.

The design and printing corporate business cards

We will prepare business cards projects for you, which will then be printed and delivered to the address you specify.


(set means 250 pieces of business cards for one person)

Maintaining the company's data in directories

We enter and/or update your business data on Google Maps and in 10 popular free Web business directories, so that your companies data is consistent and up to date. Data timeliness is monitored throughout the duration of the contract.

Saving company’s data on QR Code

We encode your companies' data in a square graphic code, which can then be used in the graphic printed materials: business cards, brochures, etc. As a result,  the customers will be able to easily save the contact details of your company or get useful information.

Activities aimed at customer and sales leads acquisition

We will prepare all the necessary tools and materials to conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet for your business. Your webside will contain special codes  collecting data about visitors in such a way that you can get to them later with an ad. For best results, it is necessary to have the Virtual Phone Number service active.

Social media profiles

We will set up and maintain your corporate accounts on Facebook, Twitter and G +. The service also includes preparation of a graphic profile and all the necessary descriptions and configuration. We also give you the ability to automatically publish industry entries depending on the individual customers' account settings.

Website development built on our platform

Maintenance and development of a modern modular website in standard and mobile version, SEO optimization. Website built within the additional charge for the construction of the companies' presence on the Internet. The development within the number of man-hours available in a package in a given period.

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