Getting new clients is the most basic function for any business. In order to get them many companies are funding huge marketing campaigns, flooding the public sphere with their message. This modus operandi may be working for big enterprises, but for smaller ones, this method is financially unsound and trying it is a sure way to go bankrupt. But maybe, if your can't find your customers, they can find you? If so, then where your clients are looking for you? 
If you manage to find places where your customers are naturally visiting, then maybe you can reverse engineer one of them, so they will come to you? Maybe you can make your business more engaging to them, so you won't need any pricey advertisement campaign to expand your company customer base?

Define Your Target Audience

If you want your customers to find you on their own, then you need to make your business to be very attractive for them. Their need to find in your offers things that no one else is going to give them. In order to do that, you have to tailor your services to their needs. You have to define who your customers are and be sniper precise when doing so.
You need to construct very detailed picture of your clients. What they like, what they don't like. How they think and what makes them excited. This way you will find answer to the most important question of all: what issues do they have with the current market in they niche? If you manage to understand it, you should be able to tailor your company offer to their liking.

Establish a Community Around Your Business

Having a nice blog will show of your expertise in your field. According to the report made by State of Inbound, marketers who are prioritizing blogging are 13 times more likely to have a positive return on the investment than those that don't do it. Getting some people to become your subscribers and to read most of your posts is a first step at establishing a strong community around your business. Your articles should offer something of value and be better or at least different than those written by your competitors. If you can't write well, find someone else who can, people aren't interested in bad content. 
Your articles should be discussed, have a comment section for each one on your blog. You should seriously consider having a forum on your site. Common wisdom is that people mostly use social media nowadays, instead of forums, but we can assure you that people who are really passionate about the given subject usually prefer using forums when discussing it. This is because forums usually have something very valuable - community.
Have great social media profiles. Find social media that are most often used by your target audience and then tailor your message to their needs. Look what your competition is doing on those sites and find a way to do it better or with an interesting spin. Post often and monitor your audience reactions towards different kinds of content you are sharing with them. 
Engage your audience. Answer comments on your articles, on your blog and on the social media. Share your opinion on discussed topic on your forums. Show that you know what are you talking about and that you care.  

Go To Places Where Your Clients Are Looking For You

If you have your own blog, then it is a good idea to have a guest blog posts on different blogs in your industry. This way you can be introduced to the community formed around those sites, and can get some of the members to follow your. You should also welcome guest writers from other blogs, because when they share the article they wrote on social media, new people will be introduced to your company's website.
Become an active member of those forums and communities around the web, where there is a sizable population of your target audience. You will improve your the understanding of the group and make some useful contacts. If your posts will be of a good quality, then you will get a renown in the community, which will help you to establish yourself and your business.

The Snowball Effect of Initial Success

If you succeed at those points above, especially the one about understanding the needs of your target audience, then you are in the luck, because happy customers who are offered a product of value tailored to their needs, will become your fans. Those fans will spread the world about you, they know people who have needs similar to theirs and will gladly tell them about you through normal social contacts. 
This means that you should see your business grow. How fast will it grow will depend on how big is your niche and how valued your products are in it. You must also remember that you should closely monitor new trends in your market. How the needs of your target audience change in time and how to follow them, should be your primary concern from now on.  
After understanding where your clients are looking for you, you can change your company, so they will find you. The art of doing it right has an empathy at it's core, you have to get to know what your clients love and hate as well as they know it themselves. You must do a solid groundwork for that, but if you do, you will bring something of value to others.