Just setting your company's website up and running is not a sure, fireproof way that will guarantee much sales. With the Internet filled with a plethora of e-commerce shops, you need to take one step further and provide the best user experience that you are able to. It will make customers want to return to your website for a next shopping spree.


Setting Up a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are artificial intelligence bots that will ease your customers time on the store by guiding them through different processes. They can answer some basic question. More advanced assistants have a voice recognition built in.

Many big companies are using this technology for quite a while. Apple has Siri and Google is employing Alexa. There are many services now that provide the opportunity to install Virtual Assistants on your e-commerce store, so why don't use it?

Possibility to have much of your company work automated is one of the greatest benefits those artificial intelligence bots bring. By guiding customers through many processes, they make their life easier. They will make placing orders smoother and quicker.

Imagine that you are running a hairdresser salon and have a website through which your customers can schedule their appointments. The problem is that managing that schedule takes some time and is prone to mistakes, like for example mishearing what the client said during the phone call conversation or just plain old forgetting to write it down. Sometimes you may even mistakenly double book two appointments at the same time, which is one of the most embarrassing thing that may happen to your business.

How to solve that problem and save time? If you install a Virtual Assistant, it can help you manage the schedule. It will take request for appointments from your clients automatically. Then it will check if the time slot the customer wanted has not been already booked. If not, then it will book it now.

On your side, you will get a neatly schedule with all the appointments on it. And the best thing is that you won't have to put any work in preparing it. Virtual Assistant will take care of it all.

You can use it to improve your order processing, to have your site maintenance quality go up, manage your inventory so you won't run out of your stock or even take care of returns and exchanges of malfunctioning products.

Because of all that saved time, you would be able to double your effort in selling more products.


Make Shopping Free

Many customers will leave your website having their shopping cart packed with products when they understand that shopping does not come free in your store. It's a pretty bad business practice to lose customers at the last stretch of the sales cycle. 9 out of 10 buyers said that having a free shipping is the most important factor in influencing their decision when choosing to shop more.

If you find that offering free shipping will eat into your profits margins too much, then think about making the shipping free only from certain threshold. If, for example your online store will offer free shipping only from 80 dollars and up, then not only you will have to pay less from your own pocket for bringing the good to your buyers doors, but you may also get an increase in sales.

People will try to reach that threshold, but only if you don't set it too high. You need to analyze your statistics to properly ascertain how much your customers would buy extra to get a free shipping of their products.

If your shop sells globally, you can also offer free shipping to some countries. Analyze your customers base habits to know what region should get that perk.


better product sale

Providing Great User Experience is Important to Securing More Sells

Is your site optimized to be user friendly and to offer the best experience for your customer that is possible? Are your wondering why many people leave your site immediately after landing there? Maybe it is time to put some work into providing great user experience.

Make sure that your site loading time is short, as most people don't have much patience for waiting for it to load. Make sure that your site also has a version dedicated to mobile devices users. Site layout should look good, make sure to make it aesthetically pleasing for your visitors.

Site interface should be intuitive and easy to use. Make sure that menus are well designed and it is clear to what kind of content all the buttons leads to. Make return to main site button and contact information be clearly visible to your customers.

As you see, you can make many decisions that each will drive the number of sales up on your site. Make several good choices and the snowball effect will increase the boost even more. It is what makes online shops and pretty much everything successful: many smaller choices which turned up to be correct.

There are many things you should do in order to make your site sell more products. Think in which way your business is specific and what your customers really want and you can find unique opportunities to improve your sale performances.