The question you, as well as many other entrepreneurs, keep asking is how much opinions of internet users matter for your business? You see many reviews of your services, some fair, some not, and your intuition tells you that if your product does poorly in those, you may face problems when selling it. On the other hand, you may have been thinking, reviews are only one of different factors that counts towards product's success and it can do both well and poorly, regardless of what the internet thinks about it.
Which of those opinions is closer to the truth? Lets look at the relevant data and analyze it meaning.  

How Much Does the Internet Reviews Matters?
According to the Mobile Institute report,  a staggering 78% number of internet buyers check opinions of other users before making their choice of purchasing a product. The most important are opinions of a people who are personally known to the the buyer (51%), but 37% of users are trusting the impression of internet strangers.
This means that if you have good opinions of your products you can sway nearly 40% of people who are on the fence about making a purchase. Even if you manage to secure just a quarter of that number, you will experience a noticeable boost in the number of sales and profits. It is certainly worth your time to fight for more and better customer reviews.
You also need to consider the number of customer opinions on each item in your store. The more of them, the more trustworthy they seems. If a positive opinion gets many up votes, it means that  others regard it as true. It boost its credibility. The same applies for negative reviews. The shop whose wares has gathered many opinions looks popular and many people are inclined to choose popular places when they shop.
Having many customers comment about the products is good for your SEO. Internet search engines prioritize websites with a good amount of content created by users. This really show how much opinions of internet users matters for your company's website.

How to Get New Reviews?
Getting new reviews may be pretty hard for any the internet shop who was just opened, but they are ways to improve the number of opinions your wares are getting. You should always sent a few days after the purchase an automated email, asking the customer to review the product that was bought. Some of those messages will surely get a response and you will see the number of reviews on your site grow.
You can also make a competition and offer rewards to the people who will write reviews for your products. The cost of it are not that high and you can manage to bring some people on your site for reviewing purpose. Who knows, maybe a few of them will decide to make a purchase in your shop, hoping they can get a shot at winning the prize?
You can also offer free product samples in an exchange for reviews, but this works the only if you sale many cheap or medium priced products. For shops selling small amount of expensive items, like technology, this method will be counterproductive. 

Managing the Buyer Remorse
61% of users say that if the company adequately responds to their complains, there is a chance they will forgive its mistakes and consider using its services in the future, but more than a half is expecting to get a response in a next few hours after submitting their letter of complain.
This means you need to have a quick and competent customer support team. They have to respond fast and find ways to make angry clients happy. This will prevent customers from posting negative opinions about your company on the internet, which as we have established earlier have an impact on how your product are viewed.

Internet Users Opinions Can Become a Valuable Feedback
Did you know that 32% of clients would like to submit their ideas and opinions for products created by companies they like? Most of them care primary about being listened to and getting superior products, rather than monetary compensation for sharing their thoughts. Although some compensation can surely boost the number of people interested in helping you improve your goods.   

You should think of a good way to let them know that they can share their opinions on your company's products with you, because 73% of customers who are willing to provide feedback doesn't know how to do it. Feature a link to the product survey on your website and share a few post on your social media profiles to inform your customer base about the survey. You can also sent a link using email messages to the clients after they received ordered items, so you can be sure you get replies only from people who actually made a purchase.
If your survey is well constructed, you may get a quality feedback for a relatively cheap price and save some money on research and development. But you have to make sure that you are analyzing those data correctly and there are no errors, like those coming from too small sample size or self selection bias.

You have just learned how much opinions of internet users matter for your business. You need to find ways to make the users write more reviews for your products. If you manage to do that, you can experience a really great grow for your company and gain a substantial edge over your competition.