Nowadays you just can't have a business and do not maintain a presence on the Internet. But just setting up a webpage is not enough. Just like a social etiquette the existence on global web requires w knowledge about a vast amounts of do's and dont's. It may seem difficult to navigate in the jungle of rules, but the more a person understands how to successfully promote the business on the Internet, the easier it will be to bring people to the company site. So what kinds of Internet mistakes are entrepreneurs committing?



Badly Designed Internet Site

Good user experience is a key to success here. Your site has to be intuitive and unobtrusive to navigate. Make sure that you planned your menus well and it is easily to guess, if you are a person browsing your site in, which category the content they are trying to find is. Color palette should look nice for an eye, make sure that your site design is good looking and won't scare potential customers away. It is good to choose slightly darker colors as a background, so viewing your site will strain people eyes less.

Those times when everyone put on their articles cheesy stock photos, with white backgrounds and actors desperately trying to look happy, are coming to and end. People require now to have more professional looking images accompanying their read. There are many websites offering photos for your Internet use without any fee. Here is a nice collection of those ( You can use them to enhance your user experience, because most viewers prefer to have some images in articles they read.

Do not forget that your site ought to be mobile friendly. Mobile devices users are overtaking desktop users in numbers and if your site does not have a version dedicated to smartphone users, you will needlessly turn many people away.

social media

Forgetting that Social Media Will Bring People to Your Site Is a Mistake

Many Internet users spend most of their time on the social media. Not trying to reach them in their natural habitat is a grave mistake. Just setting up your company social media account won't do the trick either. You need to work hard and constantly to ensure your business success on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

A great way to start is to look how your competition is managing their accounts. Analyze what kind of content is the most popular with your audience and try to reverse engineer it. But, don't let your account be just a copy paste of more popular channels. Try to think about an original content that your consumers need, but can't get from other channels. Not every guess will be right, but it is ok to experiment with different ideas.

Remember to post your content regularly and put links leading to all your social media profiles on your website. Reply to all questions users have and try to be informative. Closely monitor your interactions and always be ready to make some changes if a format of your content becomes old and boring.



Don't Forget About the SEO

Having a well designed site is a great start. But don't forget that you need to bring an Internet traffic to your web page to generate sales. How to do it? Make your site search engine friendly. We have already covered this issue in a different article, so here you go.


ad words

Not Investing Into Advertisement is a Bad Mistake for an Entrepenur

Google and Facebook have good advertising services. Why not use them?

Facebook Adds lets you target your customers with a sniper rifle like precision. You can run advertisements that can be viewed only by people who have certain profiles in their like category. Or you can target people by demographics and have only specialists in specific profession on inhabitants of a certain city see your message. Possibilities are nearly endless and you really can make sure that only the people with a higher probability of being interested in your advertisement will see it. This means you won't waste money on less useful adds.

But not everyone is a Facebook users. How to target those people? Google AdWords will help you with that, as it has a double reach of its counterpart - ( Using it will enable you to run your adds on Internet sites that are in your niche, where the people buying your product tend to go.

You can use specific keywords when targeting users who will see your message, a feature that Facebook lacks. Google is also an owner of a YouTube and will let you run your marketing campaign on the biggest video platform on the Internet.

Getting used to promoting your business on the Internet may be challenging to learn, especially if you are not a part of a generation that grew up using the global web. This article has offered you a good start at how to tackle the problem of maintaining your business presence on your buyers desktops and mobile devices.

To promote yourself successfully on the Internet you have to always closely monitor new trends and know how to use any opportunity when they arise. Be flexible and willing to change. This way the number of your business mistakes you are committing on the Internet will decrease.